A Letter to my Bestfriend

Hey you. Yes you.😂 I know that your busy right now watching koreandramas. Just kdramas because we both know that you don’t have boyfriend😂😂😂 Don’t worry my friend because Im here for you till you found him. ♥

Anyway, I am still awake because I have this gut feeling to write a message for you. To let you know how special you are to me.

Meeting a person like you is such a blessing to an introvert person like me. I have this attitude of not trusting anybody. But with you I felt different. I shared to you my dreams and plans in life. Even some life secrets I shared it to you. Your the only person that I am very comfortable and secure.

You are my photographer, happy pill, influencer and motivator. You have this spirit that makes people around you happy. You are indeed a legend. I keep on bragging you to my siblings for having a friend like you. I let them watched your videos and we found ourselvers laughed together. I even copy your dancesteps and show it to them😂 Thank you for making me laugh when Im sad. Thank you for replying my dramas even in late night. Thank you for always inviting me and sharing your future plans to me.

I know that behind your laughs, you also have hidden problems. I just want you to know that I am always here willing to listen and lend extra shoulder when you need.

When time comes that we separate path to take. I want to tell you that I will always be here for you. I will not block you in fb or messenger. How can I? Your the most precious gem I found in Palawan Pawnshop😂 I will be your number 1 fan who is happy and proud of your achievements and supporting you from afar ( afar means philippine to korea thingy😂). I love you and I always reminisced and cherished all the memories with shared. Continue to be an inspiration to everybody and always wear you best outfit which is your smile. Let positivity conquer negativity through your laugh which like music to everybody around you. Lastly, dont change anything about you to gain acceptance from anybody. Stay still. Embrace yourself. Godbless you always my friend. Lovelots ♥ 😘

May our friendship grow as healthy and strong as weeds in the hill. ♥

The epitome if friendship

Do we really need a friend? What friendship means to you?

Friend is easy to find but a genuine one is hard . They are as precious as gold that need to be kept and cherish. And I felt lucky that I already found her. Yes , I have friends but this girl is different. I can cry to her, share my dreams and some secrets in life without hesitations . I can chat with her till midnight. She inspires me and open my eyes that life is short to stay in the four corners of your room.. Go out and explore the world. She always invite me on her gala eventhough she always get rejected. She is my only friend that I am very comfortable with. Though their were misunderstanding sometimes but we easily patch it up.

Hoping our friendship will last forever ♥